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Was walking ever so artistic?

Richard Long – the other great artist from Bristol ( …apart from Banksy) uses words and walking in a form, if it were possible, even more compact than a Zen Koan. Simple words: place names, spatial positions, time datum all combine to create artistic beauty.

Severn walk by Richard Long

Severnwalk by Richard Long


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Straight Yellow

It’s amazing what you can find at your feet. Even old iron has a beauty of it’s own


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In praise of hot colours

Welcome to this place – a place to dwell on the quirky things in life that make it creative. So, a simple Sunday stroll along a side street can give rise to the joy of a sharply contrasting angular palm against a blazing blue heaven in the Clifton Village district of Bristol.

Nothing happening but looking, loving and and pressing the button to keep the moment a little longer in our minds.

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