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Is that a Bristol accent I hear?

I think this must be the only song I know with a west country accent on it apart from tunes by the wurzels – unless you know of more?

Now that the NHS, schools and much more has moved over from the public sector to the quasi private sector Gary Clail’s toastings don’t seem quite so far fetched to my mind. We may not have privatised the air  – yet … but with carbon trading between countries, we’re kind of close.

Where’s a radical music making builder when you need one?


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Manga, manipulated music and spliced up Sci Fi

link to colourbox cover

Exotic, original and ...colourful

The mighty Colourbox deliver an iconic blast of drum machine and sci fi spliced music to take you to a far flung stellar system. Click the cover to hear  and see more. I don’t know the manga cartoon but love the music. Colourbox also gave the world the best never heard unoffical offical world cup theme in 19986 . Just Google it.

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