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Gil Scott Heron knew a thing or two about nuclear disasters

“We nearly lost  Detroit”  – Not one of Gil Scott Heron’s most popular tracks – not poetry, not jazz ,not not floating flute solos but full of some wise words about the environmental and social effects of putting  nuclear power stations near to  large cities.

Wonder what he thought about the Fukushima meltdown when he had written this track over 30 years earlier.

Now, how far away is Oldbury power station from Bristol ….um, not that far. I wonder if Homer would like the view from the River Severn?


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Was walking ever so artistic?

Richard Long – the other great artist from Bristol ( …apart from Banksy) uses words and walking in a form, if it were possible, even more compact than a Zen Koan. Simple words: place names, spatial positions, time datum all combine to create artistic beauty.

Severn walk by Richard Long

Severnwalk by Richard Long

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